August 2017 Budget Review

Back from a writing hiatus, I am diving right back in with our August 2017 budget review. Plus, a big announcement that explains the unexpected break.

August 2017 Budget Review


So, first I would like to apologize for my unannounced posting hiatus – but, friend – do I have news for you.

The last time I posted was the May 2017 Budget Review…then radio silence. Well, behind the radio silence was a mom of two that had just found out she was growing into a mom of three!

Baby Boy #3 is joining our tribe December 2017 and we are so tickled.

Another crazy, lovable wild thing. Another loud, dirty little boy.

Annnnnnnnd another mouth to feed. Another thing to budget for. So, after the initial shock (‘cos let’s be honest, growing and adding another human to your life is always a shockingly big deal), not to mention getting through first trimester nausea and general poopiness of early pregnancy; I am back at it retackle – and now narrate – how we are still sticking to our goals while also planning a baby.

Life, man. So many curveballs.

Without further ado – here is the August 2017 Budget or Bust!

Things That Went Right:

  • Photoshoots! I am officially stepping away from my photography side hustle in September to focus my energies on my last semester of undergrad – and, you know – growing a baby. But the additional income is awesome for now!
  • So, back in March, after reading Ramit Sethi’s I Will Teach You to be Rich, I got us a credit card to pay for monthly utilities (card is paid off every month). After using consistently and racking up points, we were able to cash them in for cash back! HOLLER FREE MONEY!
  • I did have to buy school books out-of-pocket, but by buying used or rentals I spent less than $120, which I was also able to pay for with the money from my side hustles this month.


Things that went wrong:

  • Literally everything else.
  • Trying to prep for baby, move rooms around, slowly pay for things as we can. Technically, this is not wrong – I have been funding projects with funds from resale items I’m getting rid of…but the wait and prolonged time of completing these projects is giving me anxiety. Is it too early to be nesting?
  • Cravings = 👎💸
    It has been so hard to stick to our menu! Not only not wanting to eat what I plan for dinner or just opting to go out to satisfy a craving, but even grocery shopping is dangerous for me. Oh look at these delightful little munchy snacks that I’ve never bought before in my life. They look scrumptious. Let’s buy them. *Sigh*
  • Had to pay for a large chunk of my summer tuition this past semester. It was great because I took a huge load of classes this summer so I can graduate before baby, but it also meant that financial aid wasn’t there to help me. Also, my scholarships this summer were significantly less than previous summers. Was not expecting this one.
  • Boys are growing! Duh! My 3-year-old went through a growth spurt and basically sprouted into 4T/5T clothing overnight. Poor kid’s undies didn’t even fit him properly. We’ve been budgeting so tightly, I had completely overlooked the NECESSITY to budget for clothing. Especially for growing kids. Ugh, budgeting fail.
  • I did my hair myself this month. While this still was almost as expensive as a touch up at the salon, it was an investment in a lot of the products to be able to do it again at home in the future.


So was August a BUDGET or BUST?!

Yeah, this was totes a BUST. I’ve been hustling so hard, selling off old things, decluttering and making some extra cash to pad the budget, but it’s like Whack-A-Mole! As soon as I pay off something, something else comes up! Murphy’s Law of Finance, amirite?!

Going forward, I’m going to budget in the ability to indulge in a craving ONCE a paycheck for goings out, twice if it involves cooking or baking something extra at home. And definitely going to be adding in a clothing budget for these kiddos! Schooling is all paid for now, so that shouldn’t be an issue in the future, except for some fees regarding graduation and auditing perhaps.

There you have it! Wish me luck with all this craziness and catch you next month!

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