Budget Review – February 2017


Join me this month in the February 2017 Budget Review where I break down what went right and what went wrong in the previous month's budget and brainstorm how to improve.

February 2017 Budget Review

I am happy to report that we were a little smarter this month! There are, as always, still improvements to be made. So here we go with the February 2017 Budget Review.

What Went Wrong + Analysis

  • We went “home” to see our extended family twice this month. Two 2-hour road-trips are expensive!
    •  Also, we not only pay for gas to get there and back, but we always end up dining out or getting drinks with friends when we are visiting. BUST!
  •  I 100% forgot to budget funds to get my hair done. I had a standing appointment that should have been budgeted for but wasn’t. BUST!
  • We took our dog to the vet and that was unexpected (he’s okay, though). BUST!
  • We ended up transferring from savings to cover some stuff. BIG BUST!

What Went Right

  • I made a draft of everything for our tax return!
  • I FINALLY paid off and promptly cancelled Paypal Credit. That darn thing has been luring me towards things I cannot afford for TOO LONG!
  • Despite going over on our entertainment budget, we came in under for our grocery budget. 🙂 WIN!
  • We had some unexpected extra monies and used that to pay down Paypal Credit and the last bit of an old credit card.
  • Took my own advice and opted-out of overdraft protection.
  • Opened a 0% intro balance transfer card for our last credit card balance ($4750).
  • We are on track to pay off said balance in 16 months (before the 18 month intro offer expires)!
  • We set up an external savings account. Out of sight, out of mind – no transferring when tempted to by something not supported by the budget…or by a low-balance checking account!
  • I read “I Will Teach You to be Rich” by Ramit Sethi and it freaking blew. my. mind. Excellent, practical finance book. Review coming soon!

How We Can Improve

  • I will be opening an “oops” fund that could cover unexpected expenses without draining our savings.
  • Set up automatic payments and savings transfers so it is easier to stick to our goals!
  • Continue to be disciplined with spending. We did really great this month not buying frivolous  or spontaneous crap!

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