Hi. I'm Ashley and I am here to show you that personal finance doesn't have to be complicated. Financial freedom is so much more attainable than you think.
Let's get started by getting organized with a one-glance budget checklist.

What do you want out of life? If money was not an issue, would you be on the path you are now? When starting this blog, I found myself asking this question and realizing I did not know how to answer it for myself or my family.  If you're new here, this will get you acquainted with the site, let you know what we are about, and point you in the right newbie direction.

Hi, I'm Ashley, recovering chronic spender who has big dreams to not only become completely debt-free, but to live a wonderfully full life and travel the world with my family. Money can't buy happiness, but it can certainly help you afford your dreams. This is my story, this is my blog, and I'm totally here to help you however I can. 

I'm ready to jump in and start learning!
Take me to the blog! Tally ho!

Join the community of financially-savvy mamacitas that are discovering the WHY behind their monetary freedom + taking control of their finances, one budgeting session at a time. The Budgeting Babe is a twice monthly accountability email to help keep you on track - including budgeting spreadsheets, virtual budgeting parties, and lots of memes. 

What is Climbing Money Mountain?

Climbing Money Mountain is a personal finance blog that focuses on how millennials moms can master their finances and achieve financial freedom for their families to ultimately live out the life of their dreams.

It all started when I realized that I had no financial direction or goals. My husband and I were spinning our wheels in debt, making the same mistakes over and over, with no clear direction to where we were headed (other than deeper debt). After resolving to becoming not only financially literate - but financially free - we realized that climbing out of debt felt a lot like climbing a mountain at times.

Since then, Climbing Money Mountain has become a place where I transparently share our progress and the education and resources I wish I had when we started. 

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