Your Debt is Your Boogeyman


Yes, I am a 24 year-old fearless, warrior-of-a-mother…and I am afraid of the dark. Well, maybe afraid isn’t the right word. I mean, I sleep in pitch black. But here’s a familiar situation:

You shut off all the lights before bed and R-U-N up the stairs (because otherwise the shadows will eat you, duh). But, you get to the top of the stairs only to realize you forgot your phone and the baby monitor downstairs. You take a deep breath and bravely enter the blackness, armed only with a dinky Thomas the Train flashlight. You point directly at your feet for fear of, you know, accidentally seeing something. [My active imagination has heard too many ghost stories.]

Anyways. You grab your stuff, book it back upstairs and promptly dive under the covers.

Yeah? Sound familiar?


Please don’t let me be the only grown a$$ adult that dislikes the dark. I mean, I could just throw my hands up and say “Welp! Guess I’ll just let my phone die and sleep with the door open tonight!” But I like the peace of knowing things are in their place. This is why, even when I don’t want to, I go into the blackness to retrieve my items.


And so should you.




Here’s another darkness I recently explored: debt. I could have just plugged along, focusing on one or two payments, otherwise just paying minimums – but that’s just not my style. I have to know. I need that peace.


So I took my little flashlight and I shined it on every black financial corner we have and I found the boogie monster.

Does that number put knots in my stomach Yep.
Does it make me want to bolt upstairs and hide under the covers? You bet!

But, I won’t. Knowing is empowering (and humbling). Knowing our numbers let’s me easily put limits on our spending. It makes it obvious to say “no” to more debt.

As a child, any shadows on the wall instantly morphed into the boogeyman when the lights went out. As we grow older, the boogeyman doesn’t necessarily go away – he just becomes some other terrifying thing that lurks in the dark. For many, that’s owning their debt, the total number. It’s one thing to say “yeah, I’m working on paying off debt” and another thing entirely to say “here is my boogeyman – the monster I am going to slay!”

This is my boogeyman.

My numbers are out there now. This is real – and now I have to hold myself accountable! You’ve *gasp* seen my numbers and there is no going back now!

I encourage you to grab your flashlight and oust your own boogeyman.


Have you uncovered YOUR debt number?

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